One of the most respected and comprehensive sources of FSC-certified and environmentally healthy wood products in North America, San Francisco Bay Area-based EarthSource Forest Products opened its doors in 1997, and in the same year became the 27th company worldwide to receive chain-of-custody certification. Today, EarthSource’s inventory includes a vast array of exotic, sustainably harvested wood and bamboo flooring, panels, decking, furniture and salvaged wood from around the globe. Located in the heart of the East Bay’s "Green Corridor," the company is equally committed to promoting indoor air quality and stocks a peerless selection of low- or no-emitting panels and flooring. Architects, designers, woodworkers and finish carpenters throughout the nation look to EarthSource as the ultimate source for sustainable and environmentally healthy wood products.

EarthSource Forest Products, a groundbreaking wholesale distributor and dealer of sustainable wood products, was created as a division of longtime San Francisco Bay Area wood products supplier Plywood And Lumber Sales Inc. (PALS), which was founded by Jeff Hunt in 1983. EarthSource opened its doors in 1997 as demand for green products began to significantly increase from architects, designers and woodworkers throughout the Bay Area and even outside of California.

Bekka Hunt, a member of the latest generation in the Hunt family line, sits on top of a walnut burl coated with a wax to preserve the natural beauty of the piece. Bekka capitalizes on her familiarity and love of wood to source and recover parts of trees downed by nature or by environmental necessity. Her ability to see beyond the bark, the dirt, and the scrub has helped EarthSource to acquire beautiful wood species that have been used to create elegant and original furniture and other fine finished products.

Non-Profit Involvement

Jeff Hunt, CEO of EarthSource Forest Prodocts, is also a founding member of the board of directors of Carpenters Without Borders where he and our company are helping this organization provide a market for Guatemalan villagers' artisan products made from FSC wood. This program involves the handmade manufacture of traditional bent wood ladder back chairs and the teaching of sustainable reforestation practices.

Green Building

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